ISO 9001-2015
UNIT-ISO 14001
ISO 14001-2015
UNIT-ISO 45001
ISO 45001-2018


Road sign poles

Concrete columns to fix road signs produced according to the D.N.V.-M.T.O.P. drawings in different heights that go from 2.00 m up to 4.40 m.


Concrete elements produced according to D.N.V.-M.T.O.P. drawings or Municipal Government drawings, always with a length of 50 cm with an internal steel frame in 3 models; passable, common or type 1 (0,5 m or 1,00 m). Used to build road roundabouts, splitters or center island.

Concrete acoustic separator

Concrete element 1.00 m long, 0.30 m wide and 0.10 m high, with steel frame and bars to fix onto the pavement.

New Jersey

Concrete barrier, 1.50 m long, 0.70 m wide and 0.86 m high, with an internal steel frame, painted with stripes. They can have a wire mesh over them, built with electric welded mesh (mesh shirt 5x10 cm) and 1.55 m high.

Kilometer markers

Painted concrete elements produced according to D.N.V.-M.T.O.P. drawings.