ISO 9001-2015
UNIT-ISO 14001
ISO 14001-2015
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ISO 45001-2018


Beacon cones

PVC cones with memory, in different heights, from 30 cm to 94 cm and the right weight to confer the necessary stability for its use as a beacon. They are molded in only one piece. They are fluorescent orange, resistant to UV rays and could be supplied with a reflective collar from Engineer grade to Diamond grade if required.

Plastic signs

Two-sided plastic sign, patented by our company, produced in medium-density polyethylene, 1.50 m high with printed symbols on the sign panels of reflective material type IX- ASTM D 4956:17 Standard for more visibility.

Flexible PVC delineators

PVC element with memory that allows it to be 100% flexible, they can bend up to 180º if needed without breaking. They are yellow, resistant to UV rays and could be supplied with auto adhesive reflective type I- ASTM D 4956:17 Standard collars. Screws for installation are included.

Flexible steel delineators

Flexible delineator pole, produced with thin high elasticity steel, painted, with a reflective material type III-ASTM D 4956:17 window (in eligible color). This element have creases which makes it 100% flexible, they can bend up to 180o if needed without breaking.

Flexible movable delineators

Delineator pole of 72 cm high produced in low-density fluorescent polyurethane is flexible and resistant to UV rays. The base, done with recycled rubber, offers more stability, resistance and durability. It has reflective material collars to proper more visibility and a patented innovative handle design for a better grip and to make it easier to move. Approximate weight of the element is 5.5 kg (12 pounds).

PVC speed bumps

Come in modules, 50 cm width, yellow and black with terminals for a better ending of the bump. The modules can have two different lengths; 55 cm or 1.00 m long. They are fixed to the pavement with screws so they can be removed according to needs.

Pedestrian rails

Pedestrian rails produced according to drawing nº 2104 of the Municipal Government of Montevideo. Dimension is 1.40 m long with poles. Used to delimit pedestrians.

Reflective material

Auto adhesive reflective material comes in different grades and colors, complying with ASTM D 4956:17 Standards for type I, III, IX and XI.

Plastic curbs

Curbs produced in engineered high-resistance plastic in color yellow with holes for them to be fixed through bolts to the pavement. They have a 28 mm diameter long anti-scratch reflective eye with a minimum reflectivity of 612.8 mcd/lux. They are usually used for bike lanes both in Montevideo and in the rest of the country.