ISO 9001-2015
UNIT-ISO 14001
ISO 14001-2015
UNIT-ISO 45001
ISO 45001-2018


Construction road signs

The construction of road signs comply with the Constructions Signs Standards regarding their design, production process and with all the requirements and technical specifications required by the M.T.O.P. for the use of the devices at a national level. They can be requested on their own or with their mobile support.

Construction signs for urban areas

Signs produced according to current UNIT 1114/2019 and 1115/ 2007 Standards on signs and devices for transitory construction signs and demanded by the Municipal Government of Montevideo, with reflectivity grades according to ASTM D 4956:17 Standards and in every case with or without the mobile support for its use.

Mobile supports for signs

Supports to fix the signs made of galvanized steel tubes of 1/2'’ diameter with suitable height and stable base.

Beacon cones

PVC cones with memory, in different heights, from 30 cm to 94 cm and corresponding weight to confer the necessary stability for their use as beacons. They are molded in only one piece. They are fluorescent orange, resistant to UV rays and could be supplied with a reflective collar from Engineer to Diamond grade if it is required.


Beacons produced in galvanized steel sheets, covered completely with reflective Type I ASTM D 4956:17 Standard, with white and orange stripes, have a led lighting device on the top of 1.5 candela with steel protection, all fixed on a circular concrete base. They work with 2 big alkaline batteries. LED lights of  30,000 life-hours in ideal conditions. Produced according to the structural requirements and specifications established in UNIT 1114:2007 Standard for road safety devices.

Mobile speed bumps

PVC bump, 3 meters long, 25 cm wide and 4 cm high for temporary placing. It is simply put on the desired location to reduce the traffic speed; due to its rough surface it does not require any type of anchorage. Capacity of support: 25 tons.

Plastic New Jersey

Plastic New Jerseys are easy to move, with the possibility to ballast and with a modern design that allows dispositions in curve or straight lines in a safe and stable way. Each module measures 1.40 m long and 0.90 m high, the lower base measures 0.60 m and the top 0.15 m, colors orange and yellow, and they have a stripe of reflective material type I-ASTM D 4956:17 Standard, one sided or two-sided.

Beacon drums

They are molded in low-density polyethylene, resistant to big impacts, 92 cm high and weight 3.600 kg. They have a 5 level telescopic design to achieve better visibility and they also have reflective material with different grades according to ASTM D 4956:17 Standards. They have an ergonomic handle on the top to make them easier to move and their design is compatible with several LED lighting beacons.