ISO 9001-2015
UNIT-ISO 14001
ISO 14001-2015
UNIT-ISO 45001
ISO 45001-2018


Leader company in the production, supply, installation and maintenance of road safety devices and road marking.

Bordonix S.A. is the leader company regarding the production, supply, installation and maintenance of road safety devices and road markings, counting with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

It has 26,000 m2 of industrial plant, equipped with state-of-the-art technology machinery for the production of road signs and steel structures.

Among its activities we can include different services like road safety projects, as well as planning, designing, producing, installing and maintaining road signs, steel structures and road safety devices and road markings both with water and solvent based acrylic paint, thermoplastic materials through the extrusion or spray method, with two component paints or profiled markings. Both for the state or private companies.

Bordonix develops, with the assistance of specialized technicians, its own paint formulations, producing them for each specific need, both, cold acrylic and thermoplastic paints. To apply these, Bordonix has several last generation road marking machines and a great versatility that allows us to carry out big jobs on routes or cities.

The management of the quality control laboratory has to be highlighted, both, in the reception of the used raw materials as in the different productive processes controls.
 All these processes are part of the scope of our integrated system.

Bordonix is the first company in this field in all South America to implement quality assurance systems in all the areas of the company, this allowed to obtain the UNIT ISO 9001 certificate, version 2000 since June 15, 2001.

Bordonix, constantly take part of events around the world such as seminars, congresses or expositions where road safety is the central topic, it is also member of different international organizations dedicated to these matters and keep close contact with companies of developed countries that allow it to access to the latest technologies regarding road safety.

State-of-the-art technology together with a human team that prioritizes quality allows Bordonix to be not only the leader company in the country but also be at the forefront of the technology in the region.

Our integrated management policy:

  • We bet on the quality of our products and services, as an element that allows us to continue being leaders in the market.
  • We offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of our customers with an optimal value for money and solid after-sales support.
  • We work continuously to meet our legal responsibility related to customer requirements, occupational safety and environmental regulations.
  • We maintain and improve the efficiency of our processes, focusing on the following aspects:
  • Training and continuous motivation of the personnel to become aware of the importance in the realization of products and services of adequate quality, performing the tasks safely and conserving the environment.
  • We invest steadily in equipment and new technologies, minimizing impacts on the environment and meeting the needs of staff to achieve safer and healthier workplaces.
  • We try to prevent injuries and the deterioration of health, taking actions to eliminate dangers and minimize occupational risks.
  • We use natural resources responsibly.
  • We carry our policy with a high degree of morality, fostering a culture of participation and reciprocal consultation with clients, workers and other relevant stakeholders.